Friday, 31 July 2009

The Voice of... Pope Pius VIII

On 24th May, 1829, Pope Pius VIII issued his Encyclical Traditi Humiliati upon the occasion of his election as Pope.

"8. Also watch the seminaries more diligently. The fathers of Trent made you responsible for their administration. [Session 25, chap. 18, on reform] From them must come forth men well instructed both in Christian and ecclesiastical discipline and in the principles of sound doctrine. Such men may then distinguish themselves for their piety and their teaching. Thus, their ministry will be a witness, even to those outside the Church and they will be able to refute those who have strayed from the path of justice. Be very careful in choosing the seminarians since the salvation of the people principally depends on good pastors. Nothing contributes more to the ruin of souls than impious, weak, or uninformed clerics."
Traditi Humiliati, No. 8

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