Friday, 26 February 2010

The Voice of... Pope Leo XIII (Part XIII)

On 10th July, 1895, Pope Leo XIII issued his Encyclical Letter Permoti Nos to the Bishops of Belgium regarding Social Conditions in Belgium:

"8. In the meantime, the present situation is so serious that a remedy for it should not be delayed. That remedy should begin with the calming of men's minds. Therefore, Venerable Brothers, address the Catholics in Our name and warn them to refrain completely from all controversy and argumentation on these issues, whether at meetings or in newspapers and similar publications. More especially, urge them to stop blaming each other, and not to anticipate the judgment of the lawful government. Then let them all with united brotherly minds strive with you to devote their greatest attention and effort to achieving their goal. The clergy should lead the way since it is especially characteristic of them to be wary in the face of novel opinions, to soothe and unite men's minds in the name of religion, and to recall the duties of Christian citizens."