Friday, 23 July 2010

Convent needs Sisters, Sisters need Convent

by Fr Tim Finigan

Joseph Shaw at the LMS Chairman's blog has news from the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate. They are appealing for benefactors to help them start a new community in Darlington. If you have the funds, you could own a beautiful building and do a good work for the Lord in letting the Sisters use it for its proper purpose. The photo above is of the sisters at Lanhearne and is from Joseph Shaw's flickr set. Here is the information from Lanhearne:
Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, Lanherne Cornwall

DARLINGTON CARMEL (one of the very early Carmels to be established in England [1830]) is up for sale. The very few remaining sisters are soon to move out. At Lanherne we have known about this for several months and we have been to visit the establishment. Wonderful for our needs! The Sisters are not going to leave Lanherne, in fact another house is needed as a new foundation. The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate have a goodly number of vocations; especially sisters who at the moment belong to the “active” branch who have a vocation to the contemplative life. So another contemplative house is needed. There is a major problem. Yes, you’ve got it! The FSI have no money and the Carmelites at Darlington require one and half million pounds. If you know Darlington and the Carmel then you will be surprised that it’s going for only £1,500,000. It’s large and fine, in good order and a Grade 2 listed building.

So we are looking for a benefactor. Franciscans cannot own property and therefore a possible benefactor would continue to own the Carmel and would let the FSI use it – or a trust could be set up. It is possible that with a serious bit of thinking other activities may be considered - retreats etc. ALL is possible. May I remind you that the FSI use ONLY the 1962 liturgical books. A centre for traditional Catholics in the north of England would be a great help to many people.

Please pray that a benefactor or a group of benefactors may be found.

Please contact me and let me know your thoughts.

Father Joseph M Taylor
Lanherne Convent
St Mawgan
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Ancilla said...

I heard about these Carmelites leaving, and I really hope this traditional community will be able to settle there. Let us pray for them.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take rocket scientists to figure out what has happened to the Franciscians,Benedictines,Sisterof Charity, and to figure out why the traditional communities such as the Dominicans, the Sisters of life etc.have florished....its the habit plain and simple. The habit doesn't make the nun, but it doesn't hurt either. Look at the communities that can't buy a postulant, the look at those communities who are turing away quailfied candidate for lack of space, again it the habit. If a young women wants to be a nun or sister she wants to look like one.
When communities lost the habit, they also lost vocations and nothing they have tried has attracted candidates. All that is needed is a change in habit(s).

Anonymous said...

Speaking about "older vocations" just makes my head spin. Its a new millium, old is 80 or 90 year old.
Besides the fact that I think its discriminatory. Now one but God knows when He will call someone to serve him, yet the Prioress, Mother Superiors etc, think they know more than God Almighty. The "rationals" that communities give the mature discerner is simply without logic or common sense. Unless all who belive that God has called them are welcomed and given the opportunity to serve God the ratonals that have stood for so many years will continur to do so.I have been in contact with many communities and they are so kind to me until I tell them my age. Its at that point that they become rude and curt. No wonder they don't get any vocations, if this is the way they treat you on the phone what would living with these women be like? I had occassion to stop by a Bendictine Monastery, you know the sisters that are known for thier "hospitality". It was a hot summer day and I wasn't invited in side or even offered a glass of water. However those Benedictine Sisters know how to dress, I dont' own clothes half as nice as thiers, Poverty? what poverty? Must have been thrown out with the habits and hospatality!

Anonymous said...

this Order is actually a massive consideration in my discernment of religious life, but before I can consider Cloister the Franciscans of the immaculate require me to be active for at last 4-5 years, o which I am still trying to arrange a visit to their convent in Catford.