Tuesday, 1 April 2008

How you can help

Here are some things you can do to help:

Spread the word!
  • Can you feature this site on your blogs? Or ask your friends to do the same?
  • Would your Parish or Diocese feature this in a newsletter, on a website? Would you ask them?
  • Are there other websites we should be featured on, or linked from?
Let us know! After all, these blogs are to encourage Vocations, so people need to see them!

  • Could you translate materials about the societies, institutes and religious communities listed here out of their original languages and into English?

Be our eyes and ears
  • Is there content we ought to feature? If so, tell us!
  • Do you have information on courses of studies in various seminaries, entrance requirements, website links?
  • Have you personal experience of one of the communities featured here? Share your experiences with us!
Oh, and if you know others discerning their vocations, point them this way! May the Lord send us more holy Priests, monks and nuns than we can know what to do with!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps and update would be in order: www.oblatesofmary.com is now www.benedictinesofmary.org

Anonymous said...

Priestly vocations are not lacking in diocese and orders where the recruiting message is one of personal sacrifice, rather than one of ease, comfort, and social-securlar conventions of the current society. The U.S. Marines have no problem with recruitement. They have one message that resonates with men, i.e., "A Few Good Men...." which, most men understand to mean, "Be prepared to sacrifice self and die if necessary." The Church would do well to learn from the Marines.