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Religieuses Victimes du Sacré-Coeur

The Institue was founded in 1838 by Madam Julie-Adèle of Gérin-Ricard (1793-1865), who become Prioress under the name of Mother Mary, victim of Jesus Crucified. It's particular charism is to unite with the Divine Saviour in his victimhood and to imitate it in religion and charity.

The Community is dedicated to the perpetual adoration of most Holy Sacrament. Their motto is Una cum Christo hostia, Cor Unum. The Sisters make vows of Poverty, Chastity, Obedience and enclosure.

It is by love that Jesus Sacrifices himself; it is by love that it is necessary to follow Him in His Sacrifice, and the treasure of this love is contained in the Heart. It is this mark of the Sisters, indicated by their title "Victims of the Sacred Heart", that indicates their vocation is totally founded upon Love.

The Community consists of one monastery, and -- as of 2006 -- 20 Nuns and a few Novices. They are served by Priests of the Fraternity of St Peter, and others celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass according to the 1962 Missale Romanum

Religieuses Victimes du Sacré-Coeur de Jésus /
Victim Nuns of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Rev. Mother Superior
Monastère des Religieuses Victimes du Sacré-Coeur de Jésus
52 rue Lavat
13003 Marseille (south France)
Tel.: + 33 4 91 50 29 21

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Ma Beck said...

How beautiful!
I could stare at that picture all day.

Anonymous said...

Coool. Don't they sound like the name was made up by Monty Python? Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

another photo
Aim of the Community
Penance,Reparation, Salvation of
Souls, Console the Heart of Jesus, Sanctification of priests (hood), that all thoughts as a virgin victim to Gods merciful Love, the principal may be to Console,the Heart of Christ in His passion.

The Community is dedicated to
the perpetual adoration of most Holy Sacrament. « Una cum Christo Hostia, cor
Unum », it is their moto. The Sisters make vows of Poverty, Chastity,
Obedience and Papal enclosure
they are located on 2 hectares in the middle of a very populated part of the city, yet hidden.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to these sisters and they seem to be very good. They are so cloistered that they are seperated from the exterior chapel with only a Communion window. They are served by the FSSP on Sundays and a diocesan priest, who says the Latin Mass, during the week. The only thing I found a little dissapointing was that they have the Novus Ordo once a week. It's possible that the bishop may have ordered it and the sisters have to have both Masses. I am still going to continue corresponding and learning French. We will see what God's will is.

Marta said...

I am not sure if these are the same sisters, however I know a French FSSP priest who told me of a community in France that lives the same lifestyle with its austerity and habits, etc., as in the Middle Ages. Judging by the habit (the material and cross) and recalling the name, I think they are it. They are quite unique in this regard, I believe.

Anonymous said...

There's another order that's traditional in Mexico called the Franciscan Minims of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. They are in Mexico City near Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine. I visited their order and they were very nice. They also have brothers. They wore a traditional habit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the bishop ordered them to have the Novus Ordo once a week.

Anonymous said...

They seem theatrical.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to the Sisters since nearly 10 years. You find beautyfull picture of them in the magazine GEO number 12/1992 german edition.

Ancilla said...

Wonderful!!! They're in Marseille then. I'm quite close. I didn't know there was a Traditional community there. It's a good thing they've the Novus Ordo once a week too. It's being more open.

I shall visit them.

God bless!

Ancilla said...

There's a mistake in the address: it is 52 rue Levat, 13003 Marseille

I'll go & visit them next week! :D

Anonymous said...

Pax Christi!
Très beau Charisme et aussi trop belles images!...
J'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un pourrait m'aider à contacter le Monastère des "Religieuses Victimes du Sacre Coeur" à Marseille.
Surtout, je voudrais demander à soeur "Ancilla", la charité de me référer quelque chose à propos de son expérience dans la visite au Monastère?
Le visage du Crucifié nous embrasse dans l' Amour et la Miséricorde.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Coulds anyone tell me what rule they follow and if they receive American vocations? I am very attracted to them and wish to know more byt information is scarce.

ancora39 said...

First of all the bishops never asked the sisters to follow the Novus Ordo, it's just because the chaplain of the congregation was a diocesan priest and used this Ordo. With the new chplain they have the extraordinary form.
Pour la pesonne qui a écrit en français et qui désire se rendre au monastère, il suffit d'écrire à Mère Marie Véronique (Prieure de la communauté) et qui sera ravie de prendre un temps de parloir avec vous.
At least, the community follow the rule of saint Augustin with special constitutions written by fr. John of the Sacred Heart who try to found the same congregation for men.
For an american vocation to become sister the sisters are opened to welcome the all who feel called by God. You need to write to the sisters.
For all who are interested, it's possible to become associate of the congregation. There is a beautiful booklet in french wrote by fr John explained the spirituality of the Victims

Anonymous said...

Dear Ancora39:

Do you know where I could get in touch with Fr. John of the Sacred Heart? I would like to see about a vocation for consecrated lay people using this charism..

you can write to me at:

profesorluigi (at) gmail dot com

thank you and God bless you

Anonymous said...

I too would like to make contact with Fr. John of the Sacred Heart for similar reasons. How I wish I had known of this congregation 30 years ago! However, since I have now falling through the cracks as they say, and would never be accepted, I would at least like to make contact with this priest for spiritual help. Please contact me at:
srireneg3 (at) gmail dot com
Thank you and have a Happy New Year 2014

Anonymous said...

They take men for the Priesthood at a late age, so give up yet, unlike the Nuns as most of them wont take one older than 35.