Saturday, 5 June 2010

Prise d'Habit - Petites Soeurs du Bon Pasteur

On 19th June 2009, two foundresses of the excellent Little Sisters of the Good Shepherd were received in simple vows and took the veil in the Church of the Institute of the Good Shepherd, St. Eloi in Bordeaux. With a number of professed Sisters and a new home at Bargemon near Cannes, the Little Sisters are now ready to receive postulants.

Notre Seigneur, Bon Pasteur, nous Vous prions de protéger les Petites Soeurs!


ESabeth said...

I have visited this foundation twice with view of discernment. The latest situation is as follows:

They are now not linked with the Institute of the Good Shepherd. Their bishop has asked them to change their name. They are now the little Sisters of the Mission of Holy Mary (Petite Soeurs de la Mission Sainte Marie). Sister can be contacted at

They are traditional apostolic with strong emphasis on the Holy Rosary and catechism.

Convenor said...

Dear ESabeth,

Please consider writing an entirely new post giving the most up-to-date information of this congregation.

God bless you!