Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Benedictine Nuns of Kergonan

An extended film on the Benedictine Nuns of Kergonan (French language):

Abbaye SAINT-MICHEL de Kergonan
Monastère des Bénédictines
Morbihan FRANCE

Tél : 02 97 52 32 14
Fax : 02 97 52 37 66
Congrégation de Solesmes

Friday, 30 October 2009

The Voice of... Blessed Pius IX (Part XII)

On 7th March, 1874, Blessed Pope Pius IX addressed his Encyclical Vix Dum A Nobis to the the Archbishops and Bishops of the Austrian Empire on the subject of the Church in Austria:

"13. Thus, you can clearly see how these laws threaten the flocks entrusted to your care. For the unity and peace of the Church is called into danger, and there is question of depriving it of its liberty, which St. Thomas of Canterbury calls "the soul of the Church without which it has no strength or force and cannot avail against those who seek to possess for their inheritance the sanctuary of God." St. Anselm, the other intrepid defender of this liberty, earlier expressed the same opinion: "God loves nothing in this world more than the liberty of His Church; those who wish not to promote it so much as to dominate it are certainly known to be enemies of God: God wishes His bride to be free, not enslaved." Wherefore We urge you all the more to strive to avert the danger which threatens. Greatly resolve to meet the test in a way worthy of your virtue. For We are certain that your spirit and virtue will be no less than that of those venerable brothers elsewhere who, publicly exposed to insults and violence amidst the most sharp vexations for the liberty of the Church, not only happily accepted being stripped of their belongings, but also underwent suffering in prison."

"14. Moreover all our hope is placed not in our strength but in the power of God; for at stake is the cause of God Who by an unfailing prophecy warned and aroused us thusly: In the world you will have distress, but have confidence, I have conquered the world. And so We have become the leader in this atrocious war against the Church. We promise what the holy martyr of Canterbury once expressed. His words are appropriate to this age and danger: "The cause which the enemies of the Church exercise against us is between them and God, since we seek nothing from them except what God left to his Church in eternal testament. Therefore, join Us in defending the Church with the authority and prudence granted to you. Withstand those men to whom no amount of success suffices if the Church of God enjoys liberty. We are all the more confident in you since the cause is God's. As for us, be assured, that we are more willing to undergo temporal death than to continue enduring the straits of wretched servitude. For the outcome of this controversy will have consequences for future times, that is, whether the Church grieves with perpetual distress or enjoys perpetual liberty."

"15. Meanwhile you must strive to forestall with your authority, prudence, and zeal the dangers which threaten. Consult with each other to determine how to acquire more certainly and efficaciously the proposed goal. As long as the rights of the Church are attacked, you must rise up and place before its adversaries a wall for the house of Israel; your bulwark will be more solid and your defense more valid if your labors are united and your plans are foresighted. Wherefore We urge you to assemble together as soon as possible and with mutual counsel draw up a clear norm by which you may bravely defend the liberty of the Church and unanimously repel, in keeping with the nature of your office, the attacking evils. We must give you this admonition in order not to be deficient to Our office in such a serious matter. But We are persuaded that even without Our exhortation, you would have done this of your own accord. For the rest, We have not lost all hope that God will divert the impending calamities. We are moved to hope for the best by the piety and religious observance of Franz Joseph, Emperor and King. Today We have strenuously implored him in a new letter never to willingly permit the Church in his dominion to be handed over to a dishonorable servitude and never to permit the Catholic citizens of his Empire to be brought to such extreme straits."

"16. Since many strive against the Church and any delay is always a danger, it ill befits you to be negligent and inactive. May God preside over your counsels and aid you with his powerful protection so that you may decide upon and bring about those things which pertain to the glory of His name and the salvation of souls. As a guarantee of this heavenly protection and a testimony of special benevolence, We lovingly impart the Apostolic blessing to each and all of you, beloved sons and venerable brothers, and to the clergy and faithful committed to your vigilance."

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tonsure 2009 (Wigratzbad)

Just as in Lincoln, Nebraska, October 24th, saw 16 men of the FSSP's European Seminary tonsured at Lindau, by Mgr. Wolfgang Haas (Abp. of Vaduz).

Photographs can be found on the Fraternity's website here. Meanwhile, a brief video is available on the dailymotion website here.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tonsure & Subdiaconate 2009 (Denton)

On October 24th, His Excellency, Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln conferred Tonsure on 14 men and the Subdiaconate to one other from Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Lincoln. This was truly a joyous day for the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter as they also had 16 other men tonsured on the same day from their seminary in Wigratzbad Germany.

At the Una Voce Carmel website, you can find pictures taken from the Tonsure and Subdiaconate in Lincoln, as well as a picture of all 30 men that were tonsured. Please keep these men in your prayers as they continue their way to the Altar of Lord.

To view all the pictures, please click here.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

New Irish Vocation for the FSsR

The Transalpine Redemptorists or Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer have just announced the first profession of a new novice, Brother Gerardo Maria Majella, F.Ss.R. The image above shows the 'interrogation', an element of the profession ceremony where the professi is asked what he seeks of the Order, that is, where he is prompted to ask to be received into the Order under temporary vows. It is similar to the interrogation of the candidate or their sponsors at Baptism.
The image below shows the novice with his family.

Friday, 23 October 2009

The Voice of... Blessed Pius IX (Part XI)

On 21st November, 1873, Blessed Pope Pius IX issued his Encyclical Etsi Multa to all Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishops, and other Ordinaries in Favor and Communion with the Apostolic See on the subject of the Church in Italy, Germany and Switzerland:

"12. In addition to many grave injuries inflicted on the Catholic Church last year, the government of Prussia with harsh, iniquitous laws totally different from previous ones have subjected the whole institution and education of clerics to lay power. One can now legitimately ask how clerics are to be educated and formed for the priestly and pastoral life. Going further still, the government grants to the same lay power the right to bestow any office or ecclesiastical benefice and even the right to deprive sacred pastors of office and benefice."

"13. Moreover so that the ecclesiastical government and the hierarchical order of subordination constituted by Christ Himself may be more quickly and fully subverted, these same laws impose many obstacles on bishops so that they cannot provide, through canonical censures and punishments, for the salvation of souls, the soundness of doctrine in Catholic schools, and the obedience due them from clerics. These same laws forbid bishops to do these things unless they are in accord with the wishes of the civil authority and the norms proposed by it. And so that nothing be lacking in the total oppression of the Catholic Church, a royal tribunal for ecclesiastical affairs has been instituted. Bishops and holy pastors can be summoned before it, both by private individuals and by public magistrates, so as to stand trial like criminals and be coerced in the exercise of their spiritual functions."

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Statistics about the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

The Priestly Fraternity of St Peter has recently updated their statistics: as of October 2009, the FSSP now has has 359 members, including 129 seminarians.

For more information, please see here.

Friday, 16 October 2009

The Voice of... Blessed Pius IX (Part X)

On 30th September, 1865, Blessed Pius IX issued the Encyclical Meridionali Americae on the subject of Seminaries for Native Clergy to the Archbishops and Bishops of South America:

"We fear that this work, begun with so great an effort and with such a bright outlook, may perish on its own. To avert such a calamity, We thus entrust this work to your love. We know that you thoroughly understand and support the necessity of carefully training an indigenous clergy to care for your flock. But, because your attention is divided among so many distractions, anguish, and cares, We remind you of this grave concern. We certainly, if at all possible, shall not fail this youth, which We embrace with paternal charity."

Saturday, 10 October 2009

New IBP House of Formation in Chile

Eight new acolytes of the IBP in March 2009
The IBP South American blog carries more good news of the expansion of the Institute of the Good Shepherd. (Google Translation)
Having run out of space in their Seminary in Courtalain in France and being rather short of space in their House of Studies in Rome, the Institute of the Good Shepherd has found it necessary to convert its house in Chile into a House of Formation. Thus, this is the first Spanish Language House of Formation of the IBP, something of a relief, no doubt, to the professors of the extremely polyglot Seminaire St. Vincent de Paul. You can contact the new House of Formation by contacting:

P. Rafel Navas
Froilán Roa 4594,
Santiago- CHILE.
Telf.: (56-02) 2949184

Friday, 9 October 2009

The Voice of... Blessed Pius IX (Part IX)

On 10th August, 1863, Blessed Pope Pius IX issued his Encyclical Quanto Conficiamur Moerore addressed to the Archbishops and Bishops of Italy on the subject of the promotion of false doctrines:

"11. Now, truly, we cannot conceal the fact that we are in great anguish since there are some clergy in Italy who, forgetful of their vocation, do not blush in the least to spread abroad false doctrine, even in subversive writings. They arouse the people against us and this Apostolic See; they oppose our civil rule and that of the Chair itself; they shamelessly and zealously support the wicked enemies of the Catholic Church and this same See. Deserting their bishops and us, emboldened by the approval of the Piedmontese government and its Parliament, these ecclesiastics in open contempt of ecclesiastical censure and penalty have become impudently fearless in organizing certain condemnable societies commonly known as Liberal Clerical, of Mutual Assistance, For the Emancipation of the Italian Clergy, and other associations animated by the same depraved spirit. Although deservedly forbidden to perform their holy ministry, nevertheless, like brazen intruders, they sinfully and illicitly exercise it in many churches. We, therefore, disapprove and condemn the behavior of the same ecclesiastics. At the same time, we admonish and exhort, again and again, these unfortunate men to return to their right mind and heart and take thought for their own salvation, seriously considering "that God tolerates no example of conduct more from others than from priests when He sees those, whom He ordains for the improvement of others, give example of their own depravity." Let them fervently reflect that their confused state must be repaired before the tribunal of Christ. May these pitiful churchmen heed our paternal advice and willingly render us the consolation of a repentant clergy. May they seek refuge in us day by day, begging pardon for their defection with suppliant prayer and humbly imploring absolution from ecclesiastical censure."

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Friday, 2 October 2009

The Voice of... Blessed Pius IX (Part VIII)

On 8th April, 1862, Blessed Pius IX issued the Encyclical Amantissimus to the Bishops of the Oriental Churches on the subject of the care of the Oriental Churches:

"16. Then, too, that you may always have at hand diligent and industrious workers in cultivating the vineyard of the Lord, spare no effort, venerable brothers, that the most excellent teachers train young clerics in piety from the very beginning. May these be formed in a true ecclesiastical spirit and very carefully instructed, primarily in Sacred Scripture and the sacred sciences, against any danger of error. To be sure, we are by no means ignorant, venerable brothers, of the many difficulties you have been exposed to in the exercise of your episcopal ministry. Take comfort in the Lord, however, and recalling the powerful memory of his virtue, be ambassadors for Christ, who gave up his life for his sheep and left us an example that we may follow in his footsteps. "