Saturday, 31 May 2008

FSSP Ordinations - videos

On Friday, May 30th, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, His Eminence Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission ordained the following members of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter at the Cathedral of the Risen Christ in Lincoln Nebraska:
  • Fr. Jared McCambridge, FSSP
  • Fr. Dennis Gordon, FSSP
  • Fr. Justin Nolan, FSSP
  • Fr. Jonathan Romanoski, FSSP
The Ordinations were televised live on EWTN, and the following videos have been captured:

[EDIT: The videos have been removed due to copyright violations.]

Credits:Please remember the new Priests in your prayers!

FSSP Ordinations on EWTN

His Eminence Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, yesterday ordained the following members of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter at the Cathedral of the Risen Christ in Lincoln Nebraska:
  • Rev. Mr. Jared McCambridge, FSSP
  • Rev. Mr. Dennis Gordon, FSSP
  • Rev. Mr. Justin Nolan, FSSP
  • Rev. Mr. Jonathan Romanoski, FSSP
The ordinations were televised live on EWTN, and will be repeated tonight at midnight EST (9pm Pacific) (click here or here [high quality] (both Windows Media)).

I will endeavour to post any clips I find on YouTube,, etc. Initial screen-captures are available on WDTPRS.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Institute of Christ the King

The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest is a society of priests in the Catholic Church that celebrates the liturgy in Latin in accordance with its constitutions and founding documents based on permissions granted by Rome. The Institute also preserves and patronizes traditional Latin Rite liturgical art and music and has undertaken the restoration and beautification of several churches. The Institute is a Society of Apostolic Life, whose rule of life is based generally on that of the secular canons. The Institute has its own choir dress adopted in 2006 and solemnly given to members by the Cardinal Archbishop of Florence. The Institute of Christ the King has as its stated aim the defense and propagation of the reign of Christ in all areas of human life, both private and social.

The Institute, founded in 1990, is based in Gricigliano, Italy, where the international seminary is located. The Institute's foundation was originally canonically erected in Gabon, where the Institute still maintains several missions, notably in the capital Libreville. Its canonical status is of 'diocesan rite' coming under the supervision of the Archdiocese of Florence. Deacons and priests are incardinated into the Institute, whose Superior General is the major superior with the right to call to orders. Its founder is the Very Reverend Monsignor Gilles Wach, STD, Superior General; co-founder is Father Philippe Mora, STD, Rector of the Seminary. Wach and Mora received their priestly formation under the late Cardinal Siri (d. 1989) of Genoa. The Institute currently has more than seventy seminarians in formation, and numbers over fifty priests.

The charism of the Institute is based on the example of its three patron saints: Saint Benedict, with his love for the solemn celebration of the liturgy, his emphasis on work and prayer, and his role in laying the groundwork for an integral Christian civilization in medieval Europe; Saint Thomas Aquinas, with his emphasis on the harmony between faith and reason; and, Saint Francis de Sales, with the importance he attached to teaching the Catholic faith with patience and charity, and to encouraging all Catholics to seek a life of holiness through the ordinary means of the Church, such as devout attendance at Mass and frequent confession.

(text taken from Wikipedia)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Abbaye Notre-Dame de Randol

Randol Abbey (or l'Abbaye Notre-Dame de Randol) is a Benedictine monastery situated at Randol near the village of Saint-Saturnin, Puy-de-Dôme department, in the Auvergne mountains of France.

It was founded in 1971 as a priory of Fontgombault Abbey and was raised to the status of an independent abbey on 21 March 1981. The monastery building was constructed at the time of foundation in a striking contemporary style in a spectacular mountainside location.

It is part of the Solesmes Congregation of the Benedictine Confederation and as such focusses on Gregorian chant and the Tridentine Mass.

The Abbey's official website (French language) can be found at

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Franciscans of the Immaculate

Formal fiddleback chasubles and modest Franciscan sandals come together in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (Traditional Latin Mass) at Our Lady of Guadalupe Friary of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. The video is put to beautiful music from the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, their Sister order. The music was recorded in Italy and is a fine example of the high quality of their music which, combined with the friars in Italy, are playing a major part in spearheading the reform of liturgical music in Italy.

The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate is a Roman Catholic religious institute of pontifical rite. Their charism is founded on the spirituality of St. Maximilian Kolbe, which is both Franciscan and Marian.

For more information, please see/contact:

Griswold, CT - Mother House N. America and Novitiate:

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate
Marian Friary "Our Lady of Guadalupe"
199 Colonel Brown Road,
Griswold, CT 06351
Tel.- (860) 376-6840
E-mail: friars at

New Bedford, MA:

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate
Marian Friary, "Our Lady Queen of the Seraphic Order"
600 Pleasant Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
Mail: P.O. Box 3003, New Bedford, MA 02741-3003
Tel.- (508) 996-8274
E-mail: ffi at

Maine, NY - Postulant House:

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate
Mount St. Francis Hermitage
Marian Friary "Our Lady Spouse of the Holy Spirit"
P.O. Box 236
Maine, NY 13802
Tel.- (607) 754-0001
E-mail: ffimaine at

Bloomington, IN:

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate
Marian Friary "Mother of the Redeemer"
8210 W. State Rd. 48
Bloomington, IN 47404
Phone: 812-825-4742
E-mail: fitheotokos at

Vocation Director:

Fr. Joseph Michael Mary
Marian Friary "Mother of the Redeemer"
8210 W. State Rd. 48
Bloomington, IN 47404
Phone: 812-825-4742
E-mail: ffivocations at

Marian Conquest Newsletter:
E-mail: mconquest at


Vocation Directress:

Sr. Maria Raphaela
Marian House "Mother of the Church"
8220 W. State Rd. 48
Bloomington, IN 47404
Phone: 812-825-4642
E-mail: materdomini at

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Servi Jesu et Mariae

Servi Jesu et Mariae (Servants of Jesus and Mary) is a Congregation of Papal Right, established in 1994. Seeing their apostolic task as being totally available for service to young people, the focal point of their work is apostolic work in the Scout Movement and group work in the Catholic Scout Movement of Europe (Katholische Pfadfinderschaft Europas - KPE).

All members of SJM make three vows: poverty, chastity and obedience, in order to bind themselves ever closer to Christ in the service for His church. According to the model of the Jesuit Order, the community does not have common prayer in choir, therefore it becomes even more important for each individual member to have a deep inner life of prayer, at whose centre there is the Eucharist, and which is seen in a frequent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. The Congregation celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass according to both the novus ordo missae and the 1962 Missal of Bl. Pope John XXIII. Currently the Congregation has about 50 members, of which about 25 are priests.

SJM is based in Blindenmarkt, Austria, but is active not only in German-speaking areas, but also in Kazakhstan, Albania, Rumania, Ukraine and in France. The Congregation also runs the "Haus Assen" boarding school in Germany.

For more information, contact:

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Our Lady of the Annunciation, Le Barroux

The following is a video of the Abbey of Our Lady of the Annunciation, a Benedictine Abbey at Le Barroux in France. It is a traditional monastic congregation, committed to the Extraordinary form of the Roman rite in union with the Holy see.

[click for full size video]

There is also another video, of the installation of the new Abbot, Dom Louise-Marie, January 2004.

Photographs can be found at these links:
For more information, contact:
  • Abbaye Sainte-Madeleine
    F-84330 Le Barroux,
    tel.: +33 (0)4 9062 5631 (French)

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Religieuses Victimes du Sacré-Coeur

The Institue was founded in 1838 by Madam Julie-Adèle of Gérin-Ricard (1793-1865), who become Prioress under the name of Mother Mary, victim of Jesus Crucified. It's particular charism is to unite with the Divine Saviour in his victimhood and to imitate it in religion and charity.

The Community is dedicated to the perpetual adoration of most Holy Sacrament. Their motto is Una cum Christo hostia, Cor Unum. The Sisters make vows of Poverty, Chastity, Obedience and enclosure.

It is by love that Jesus Sacrifices himself; it is by love that it is necessary to follow Him in His Sacrifice, and the treasure of this love is contained in the Heart. It is this mark of the Sisters, indicated by their title "Victims of the Sacred Heart", that indicates their vocation is totally founded upon Love.

The Community consists of one monastery, and -- as of 2006 -- 20 Nuns and a few Novices. They are served by Priests of the Fraternity of St Peter, and others celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass according to the 1962 Missale Romanum

Religieuses Victimes du Sacré-Coeur de Jésus /
Victim Nuns of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Rev. Mother Superior
Monastère des Religieuses Victimes du Sacré-Coeur de Jésus
52 rue Lavat
13003 Marseille (south France)
Tel.: + 33 4 91 50 29 21

(click images for larger pictures)

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Clear Creek Benedictines

Our Lady of the Annunciation of Clear Creek is a Benedictine monastery in the diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma, founded in 1989. The founding monks at Clear Creek were all members of the monastic community at Notre-Dame de Fontgombault, France, or of her daughterhouses Randol, Triors, and Gaussan. Fontgombault, a medieval abbey in central France, is a member of the Congregation of Solesmes.

The following video is a high-quality, 15 minute documentary by David Biddel; it was a video project for Oklahoma State University in 2003:

In order to better to cultivate the essential of their vocation, that is, the life of prayer, the monks do not assume pastoral charge of parishes nor do they run schools. But in the Rule of Saint Benedict, hospitality has an important place, and Benedictine tradition has always considered this to be a part of the monastery's role in the Church. So, besides their deep communion with the life of the Church and their prayer for all, the monks of Clear Creek receive guests for retreats and help the faithful participate in their life of prayer and recollection, especially through the Divine Office.

It is indeed a part of the Solesmes tradition to cultivate a solemn, public liturgical Office. The monks of Clear Creek celebrate God's glory in Latin, Tridentine usage, so appropriate to give an idea of God's majesty, a sense of the sacred. Thus the monks exploit the riches developed over centuries in the Church's liturgy and cultivate Gregorian Chant. Two other main features of the Solesmes Congregation and which the monks of Clear Creek will strive to fully live must be noted: deep fidelity to the Holy See and devotion to the Virgin Mary.

Saint Benedict, the patriarch of western monks, lived in Italy in the 6th century. He was heir to a monastic tradition that dates back to the first centuries of the Church and has its source in the Gospel: "As for yourselves," says Jesus, "be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect." The evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience are means recommended by Christ for speeding the reign of love in souls, in which Christian perfection consists. To help them become perfect, Saint Benedict proposes to his disciples to seek God by living these counsels in monastic community under the authority of the Rule and of an Abbot who will be their spiritual father.

A slideshow of recent (2008) images from the monastery can be viewed here. Bishop Slattery of Tulsa, OK, recently celebrated a Pontifical Mass at Clear Creek.

The Clear Creek Benedictines can be contacted at:
  • Our Lady of the Annunciation of Clear Creek
    5804 West Monastery Road
    Hulbert, OK 74441
    tel.: (918) 772-2454
    Fax: (918) 772-1044
The Clear Creek Sisters do not have a website yet; at the moment there are only 2 sisters. They can be contacted at:
  • Queen of Angels Convent
    9582 N 387 Rd.
    Hulbert, OK 74441
    tel.: 918-772-2170

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney

The Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney was established on 18 January 2002 by Pope John Paul II for traditionalist Catholic clergy and laity within the Diocese of Campos in Brazil. It is the only Personal Apostolic Administration in existence. It consists of 15 Personal Parishes, 125 Chapels, more than 30 priests, 27 seminarians, and more than 100 religious.

An Apostolic Administration is not a group or a religious society or congregation, but is a normal and official ecclesiastical circumscription of the Catholic Church, the same as a Diocese or a Prelature or an Ordinariat, that is, a particular church, part of the Universal and unique Catholic Church. Because of that the Bishop of the Apostolic Administration has the same power as an diocesan bishop, in his jurisdiction.

As a group of traditionalist Catholics thus fully within the Roman Catholic Church, they recognize the authority of the Pope as Vicar of Christ and Shepherd of the Church, the legitimacy of the Second Vatican Council, and the validity of the Mass approved by Pope Paul VI. The Priests of the Apostolic Administration have the faculty to celebrate in Latin the Mass and all the other sacramental rites in the form codified by Pope Pius V and modified by his successors down to Pope John XXIII.

More information can be found at the Apostolic Administration's website, here (Portuguese language).