Saturday, 12 April 2008

Chartres pilgrimage

Chartres has been a site of Christian pilgrimage since the Middle Ages. The pilgrimage route was revived before the first world war, and since the 1980s, the association Notre-Dame de Chrétienté has organised an annual 100km (75 miles) pilgrimage from the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris to Notre-Dame de Chartres, over three days. About 15,000 pilgrims, mostly young families from all over France, participate every year.

Pilgrims are organized into groups of 20-65 people, that are referred to as "chapters". Each chapter is accompanied by at least one chaplain, who hears confession and gives spiritual direction to each pilgrim who avails himself of the priest's presence.

Here is some footage of a Chartres pilgrimage, when they first see the towers of Chartres (Pentecost afternoon) (German language):

Aaccording to an old tradition, the anthem Salve regina strikes up at this point. Camp is made for the second night about 7:30pm, with the Eucharistic Lord in a specially decorated tent. There is also -- wisely -- a tent for the Order of Malta, who tend to those with feet problems. Eucharistic Adoration continues through the night (or so I think the video infers).

A plenary indulgence is granted, under the usual conditions. Three further videos (German language) can be found here, here and here. For more information about this year's Chartres pilgrimage (10-12 May), please email:

In related news, according to NLM, the Mass in the usus antiquior is now going to be ccelebrated each Sunday in the Church of St. Peter (Eglise Sainte-Pierre) in Chartres, as of Pentecost. This church, which is quite stunning, has been noted by some to be the second most important church in Chartres, following the Cathedral itself.


Padre Steve said...

Thanks for the posting! It reminded me of the World Youth Day Pilgrimage to Germany in 2005! Beautiful memories! God bless you! Padre Steve

Barbara said...

This is a query. Why has Chartres' labyrinth become the center for this weird labyrinth walking craze? Often they drop Chartres and keep the labyrinth. This has become a major fad among dissident orders of religious in the States. www.the will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.
Next time anyone walks the labyrinth at Chartres, please pray for the conversion of religious and laity who've perverted this devotion!
This blog is a blessing to the faithful who love seeing "Mary ladies" - can't remember the name of the little person who identified sister in her habit with the Blessed Virgin Mary!